Our Projects

Our primary method in achieving our mission is by getting our members involved in our project curriculums. For all projects, we have infosessions at the beginning of every academic year, and release applications around the same time.

Open Project Space

Your first steps

No fear in not knowing

Our OPS program is designed to provide hands-on foundational knowledge in the field of tech and hardware. We assume you know absolutely nothing, and build your knowledge from the ground up. Throughout the year, students will be challenged to complete 2-3 small projects per quarter that will allow you to apply the skills you have learned. Check out the OPS project wiki.

Head-to-head competition

A micromouse is essentially a small robot that's programmed to be able to find it's way to a goal within a maze. Within this program, our leads teach you the fundamentals of how a micromouse is designed, eventually reaching a point where you'll print your own PCB, solder the micromouse all together, and program it through a maze. We also hold annual events where students are invited to compete against each other based on their mice's performance. Check out the Micromouse project wiki.


Autonomous Maze-Solving Robot

Aircopter Project

Let's Build a Quadcopter

Take your skills to the next level

Our Advanced Projects program is designed around a few projects that require more advanced topics that isn't covered in our beginning OPS program. Some of the subjects we emphasize in this program are communication, advanced control, motors, and common modules such as gyroscopes and radio modules. If you're looking to really test your skill, this program is for you! Check out the AP project wiki.


For members who do not have time to dedicate a whole year for one of our competition projects, this program is for you. IEEE holds a series of workshops throughout the school year where anyone can participate and learn about new skills and technologies. These projects are aimed at teaching everyone, engineers and non-engineers, about common skills in electrical engineering such as soldering, image processing, prototyping, and electronics. To receive more information on upcoming IEEE workshops, subscribe to our mailing list to receive our newsletter.

Check out one of our past workshop series.

Student Project Initiative (SPI)

SPI is a program dedicated to providing motivated students with the physical and intellectual resources they need to develop their ideal project. In this program, students are allowed to come up with their own project ideas, propose it the board, and possibly receive funding and guidance for the completion of the project. Contact our project leads for more information!